Nilesh Kumar, Ph.D.

Nilesh Kumar joined Cirius’ board of directors since March 2017. Dr. Kumar has been a partner at Novo Ventures, a venture capital fund, since January 2017, and before that, a senior principle since April 2015. Prior to Novo Ventures, Dr. Kumar held various positions in the Merck KGaA family of companies since 2009, culminating in the position of senior investment director, where he led several venture investments and strategic licensing transactions in the field of oncology and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Kumar also serves on board of directors of Tarveda Therapeutics, Inc., Morphic Holding LLC, Milestone Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Rgenix, Inc., Anokion SA and Kanyos Bio Inc. Nilesh received his Ph.D. and MBA from Harvard University, and undergraduate degree from University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.